Bingo Legislation around the World

No matter where in the world that you live there are laws governing Bingo game play.

If you choose to play Bingo online, which has become increasingly common, there are even more laws that govern how you spend your time playing this great pastime. The game of Bingo in and of itself isn’t necessarily what makes certain gambling laws attach.

It is the induction of money and gambling into the mix that makes the laws attach virtually everywhere. This doesn’t mean that it is necessarily illegal, ..

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Origination of Bingo Cards

Bingo cards started their journey from Italy it passed to France and then to other regions in Europe before finding its home in the gambling parlors and Bingo Halls of America.

Interesting Facts of Bingo

Bingo has been a popular game for hundreds of years. Bingo offers a huge variety and types of online bingo games pattern. Bingo is most popular in the United Kingdom, followed by