The bingo is a very old game. It seems that historians have agreed that it dates from the Roman Empire. 

This game was used to meet other people to have a good time and win prizes or money through participation. This is still the case today. 

But then, what is bingo? 
We can say that it is a kind of Lotto to summarize. Specifically, you are sitting at your table and you are in possession of a grid with numbers written on it.

 A person, called the advertiser, announces randomly drawn numbers using an urn. This urn is usually a big cylinder (like the lotto) with balls inside. Each ball represents a number.

You can not play bingo everywhere and many people do not know this game. It is mainly found in casinos (Attention, each online casino does not have a bingo game but to help you we recommend the section bingo online at which offers a selection of sites to play bingo). It is more and more played nowadays on the internet in online casinos. 

Bingo is mainly a social game, that is, you do not come to play bingo to win something, but more to meet new people and exchange. However, you can easily win lots with this game.